About Us

We are MILL Group, a company based out of Argentina that provides bookkeeping and accounting services to the world.

We are a team of accountants, finance, and administration experts, on a mission to give business owners their time back so you can use all your resources to make your company more efficient, while we handle your admin tasks.

We believe that a growing business can have outstanding specialized bookkeeping services, without the need to invest in a full-size in-house team.


Joaquin Sanchez
Founder – CMO

Bachelor’s in Advertising & Communications Marketing

Franco Frontoni
Founder – CEO

Certified Public Accountant

Augusto Bueno


Certified Public Accountant

Valentina Morisoli

Commercial Manager

Diploma in International Business


Fast Access to Knowledge

  • By hiring highly trained professionals, you will get access to a vast source of knowledge, experience, and the latest industry tools & methodologies.

Administrative Processes Optimization

  • Implementation is seamless and virtually instantaneous since you will save valuable time that otherwise would have to be invested in building and training an in-house team.

Service Quality Stability

  • You ensure the stability of service quality that stands the test of time.


A Team Of Dedicated Experts

When hiring us, you get a team of dedicated experts in the fields of bookkeeping and business administration.

Our finance division is a subdivision of an experienced Argentinian CPA firm with the highest quality and professionalism standards.

By working together, we become a strategic partner for your business helping you visualize all your financial information clearly and concisely, and optimize your resources.

We provide additional insight on how to improve your internal administration circuits, so your company can function more efficiently.

Focused on Efficiency
Strategic Partners

We work alongside your local CPA or tax preparer and share all the financial information they need, come Tax season.

To ensure the success of this process, we focus on YOU, our client, listening intently to learn about your business, your challenges ahead, and the objectives and tendencies of your industry.

We strive to forge a lasting relationship, built on the foundation of exceptional service that aligns with our values and commitment to empowering growing businesses.

Focus on Our Clients


We are based out of Argentina, located in the center of the country, in the city of Santa Rosa, La Pampa province.

No, we are not a licensed CPA firm in the US.

All our professionals are licensed accountants in Argentina.

That’s why we offer bookkeeping services to countries all over the world, but not CPA or Tax services.
We will provide you with your final books and reports that you can then share with your Tax Accountant so they can file your taxes.

We take care of the admin work within your business and are happy to communicate with your local accountant or Tax preparer and share the financial information they need, come Tax season.

Suppose your company’s objective is to get all-encompassing advice regarding its administration and internal processes. In that case, we recommend choosing an outsourcing firm that specializes in business administration, and not a CPA Firm that focuses exclusively on taxes.

A CPA Firm specializes in filing local and national taxes. In order to accomplish this task, they will ask that you already have all your expenses tracked and your books in order, since these everyday tasks are not part of their service. Some accountants may include them when asked but at a much higher rate.

Since a CPA Firm doesn’t handle your administration, they won’t be able to provide an inner vision on how to improve your administrative circuits so your company can function more efficiently, or on how to cut expenses effectively so you can save money without affecting your operations, etc.

This is why a bookkeeping and administration outsourcing firm such as ours can help you accomplish more efficient business administration processes. Because this is our expertise, not local taxes.


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